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Sept 29


with The Brolaws

7PM (ET) / 4PM (PT)

Oct 14


with The Brolaws

7PM (ET) / 4PM (PT)

Oct 27


with The Brolaws

7PM (ET) / 4PM (PT)

Nov 10


with The Brolaws

7PM (ET) / 4PM (PT)

Nov 24


with The Brolaws

7PM (ET) / 4PM (PT)

Dec 21



7PM (ET) / 4PM (PT)


Learn all about installing Crystal Rail with The Brolaws

Planning and Quoting for Contractors with The Brolaws

Planning and Quoting for Retailers with The Brolaws

Learn all about installing Regal ideas Pickets, Glass & LED with The Brolaws

Learn all about installing CrystalRail with The Brolaws

Learn all about installing Urban Rail with The Brolaws

Learn all about installing the QuickStep Stair System with The Brolaws

NOTICE: As a proactive measure to protect the health and safety of our communities, contractors and team members, we have moved the DeckStars training events to LIVE interactive sessions online. We will be breaking up the training into 1 hour sessions each week. Please monitor this page for updates.

Complete the sessions and get your Official DeckStars Certificate and Welcome Package!

Get trained by the top leaders and influencers in our industry! Learn first hand on what it takes to build a successful brand and business. These hands-on training sessions will give you an intimate look into the latest in innovative products, codes, tips & tricks along with a connection that will last a lifetime!  

Dr Decks, Award winning deck designer and builder. Known for his curved and manipulation of building materials to create living works of art.

The Brolaws, HGTV Celebrity Builders from shows like Decked Out and Disaster Decks have worked hard both on and off screen to make people's dream renovations a reality.

Chris Palmer is a master carpenter and builder. Chris will show you how to bring form and function to all projects while making the most out of any space.

Before I used Regal railing my team would spend days installing a railing on our decks. With Regal ideas, it literally only takes a few hours. The lock- in picket system eliminates the need for screws and the welded-on post brackets make the system super strong and super easy.  We especially love their LED's!

Kevin, Neighbourhood Fence & Deck Inc.

This is my first year using Regal ideas railing systems and it’s the only railing system I will recommend and use on my projects. It is easy to install and easy to maintain. Install the posts and rails and lock in the pickets or slide in the glass, it really is as easy as 1-2-3!

Brian, Builtmore Canada

I used Regal railings for the first time last month and they are amazing! Easiest install I have ever done and one of the strongest aluminum systems I have ever used. Great product and will definitely be recommending this over any other aluminum railing system.

Shane, Baxter Construction

Regal ideas DeckStars Certification Program has been approved by BC Housing to allow contractors and builders in British Columbia to earn CPD points towards their license. Attend the training session and receive 4.5 CPD points.

Visit for more information.

Regal ideas is a member, advocate and Deck Safety Ambassador of NADRA, The North American Deck and Railing Association. Learn what NADRA does for the industry.

Learn how NADRA can help your business, market share and keep you up to date on code changes that can impact your business.

Visit for more information.

Pro-Tips with Canada's Favorite Handyman Chris Palmer.

Stay tuned for more helpful tips this season from @handcraftedbychrispalmer and @regalideas

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Reposted from @handcraftedbychrispalmer TIP!

Here's a tip I wanted to share for anyone looking to keep those @regalideas posts in perfect line.

It's a fundamental guideline on making your installation, especially for glass panels, go smoothly.

Start with marking your outside corner posts, note the dimension offset to be the same for each post.

Now pull your chalk line from corner to corner over the hole centres, simply snap it and you now have a straight guide line for a beautiful installation.

Watch in the weeks to come as more tip videos are shared to help you speed up your Regal Railings installs.

#regalrailings #deckrailings #installationtips - #regrann @deckstars.regal


Interact with the @brolawsrus during the @deckstars.regal CrystalRail training session.

Learn how to add CrystalRail to your product offerings and elevate your business!

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Super excited to announce the 2020 @nadrarocks Deck Competition opening soon!

See details below:

Reposted from @nadrarocks NADRA's 2020 National+ Deck Competition will be opening soon!!!!

✅ 2 New Categories. Think railings and inlays!

✅ NO price increases for the 2020 Competition!

✅ Extended Early Bird Rate for 2020! We got you.

✅ Get your images and videos ready for entry. Think about your project descriptions and start typing them out. Judges have told us time and time again that staged photos make a big difference! Start calling your clients and get back to the job site for some photo opps. Now is the time to get your projects lined up and descriptions ready.

✅ The competition will go live the week of September 21st!

✅ More details will be sent to all current members of NADRA the week of September 21st.

✅ Check the link in our bio to read about the benefits of joining and to join NADRA today. - #regrann

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